Training program
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Potential participants

  • Engineers - Oenologists - Vineyard Managers - Cellar Masters - Wine Technicians - Wine Merchants - Sommeliers.
  • Export Managers - Amateur tasters with a good understanding of wine tasting (sensory and descriptive analysis).

  • Accreditation as an "Expert Judge" for the Muscats du Monde® international wine competition.

  • Principles of sensory analysis applied to Muscat wines
    • Sensory physiology. Putting knowledge to practice
    • Taste exercise
    • Aroma exercise
  • Scoring system in accordance with the international Wine competition Standard
    • Scoring exercise with Muscat-type wines. Tasting sheet
    • Quantification of results and attribution of quality awards/medals
  • Pairing foods with Muscat wines
  • History and development of Muscat wines
  • ISO 9002 quality assurance approach applied to the Muscats du Monde® competition
  • Performance evaluation and jury consistency
Teaching methodology

  • Teaching methods will be active and will encourage participation.
    • Teaching tools: visual aids, videos
    • Practical exercises: individual and group
  • Distribution of course documentation (before and after course).
Course details

  • One day (see proposed dates), followed by judging at the Muscats du Monde® wine competition (one or two days - see competition dates)
  • Number of participants: group of 12 to 15 persons
  • Instructors: Forum Œnologie Association :
    • H.L. ARNOULD and J.C. BUFFIN - Agricultural engineers and oenologists
    • G. GARRIER - Historian - Wine writer - Expert
    • J.M. DURIVAULT - Tasting Institute
  • The training course are given in French from 8:30 a.m. sharp until 5:30 p.m.

    Participation fees : 530 euros without VAT (636 euros with VAT).
    Including lunch and courses documentation.


  • Course evaluation by participants at the end of the day.
  • After each day of Muscats du Monde® judging, a skill evaluation sheet will be transmitted in order to validate the confidence interval for each taster and for the group.