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A very international quality high-level
for the 2021 award list:

19 countries in competition and 7 on the Top 10
ranking of the best Muscats 2021

Muscats du Monde 2021

Muscats du Monde: An international opportunity to establish the extraordinary aromatic diversity of Muscats

The results of the 21th Edition of the Muscats du Monde International Wine Competition, have just been announced. Over the course of two days, international experts tasted 182 Muscats wines from all over the world. The 2021 awards list from Muscats du Monde is an opportunity to discover the incomparable palette of aromas that Muscat wines can offer.

Strict quality standards and optimal tasting conditions enabled international judges to award 60 medals that are recognised as a reliable criterion for selection.

The 21th international confrontation of the world’s best Muscats wines, Muscats du Monde, organised by Forum Œnologie, was held 7-8 September, 2021 in the Occitanie region in the city of Entre-Vignes (near Lunel, France). The wine tourist center of Viavino hosted the international experts-judges in the village of Saint-Christol.

Since 21 years, its international wine competition recognised the world’s best Muscats wines, awarding reliable and thus representative medals. Muscats du Monde is founded on a single conviction: distinctive marks of quality are the key to the differentiation and thus to the promotion of medal-winning wines in a highly competitive and often confusing marketplace. Medalwinning wineries can use their medals in marketing their wines.

Muscats du Monde 2021 brought together still and sparkling Muscats wines from 19 countries, making this competition into one of the world’s top events for Muscats wines. Since its creation, this competition has been a wonderful occasion to taste traditional Muscat wine (VDN: Vin Doux Naturel/Sweet natural Wine) and to follow the development of a wide variety of new wines, highlighting the complexity and aromatic richness of Muscat varieties.

Muscats du Monde has carved out a place of its own amongst wine competitions, thanks to its international flavour and its rigorous methods. During the two days of tasting under optimal conditions, the international expert judges awarded 60 medals (35 Gold and 25 Silver Medals) in accordance with international wine competition regulations.

Muscats du Monde has progressively distinguished itself from other international competitions thanks to quality standards that are much stricter than the norm and by remaining faithful to its founding principles: diversity, quality and high standards.

Medals distribution
Gold Medals
Silver Medals

Awarded Medals count by countries

Top 10* Best Muscats du Monde® 2021
Country Product Winery

Muscat de Beaumes de Venise AOP - Vintage 1986 SCEA du Domaine de Coyeux

Moscatel do Douro Doc – Adega de Favaios 2000 Adega Cooperativa de Favaios

Moscatel de Setubal Do – Superior – Bacalhoa – 10 Anos 2004 Bacalhoa – Vinhos de Portugal, SA

Moscatel de Setubal Doc – Adega de Palmela – 10 anos Adega Cooperativa de Palmela

Moscatel Roxo de Setubal Doc – Venancio Costa Lima - Reserva da Familia 2017 Venancio da Costa Lima Lda

Valencia Do – Freegold Moscatel Rosado Anecoop Bodegas

Morris – Old Premium – Rare Muscat Morris Wines

Muscat de Lunel AOC – Cuvée Prestige SCA Vignerons du Muscat de Lunel

Summerhill Pyramid Winery – Estate Grown Biodynamic Muscat – Okanagan Valley – BC VQA 2020 Summerhill Pyramid Winery

Muscat de Beaumes de Venise AOP – Rhonéa – Bois Doré 2015 Rhonéa

Muscat de Rivesaltes AOC – L'Or de Valmy 2020 Château de Valmy

Vin de France – Grain de Muscat – L'authentique Rosé 2020 SAS SPH – Gérard Bertrand

Moscato di Sardegna Doc – Cantine di Dolianova – Passito 2015 Cantine Sociale di Dolianova Soc. Coop. Agr.

Almaden – Moscatel Frisante Rosé Miolo Wine Group Vitivinicultura SA
* Some wines are rigorously equal thus the TOP 10 2020 includes 12 wines.

Trends and Highlights 2021

Geographical diversity

With 19 countries, Muscats du Monde is the strongest Muscats wine concentration ever realized. It is thus the most significant and legitimate qualitative confrontation for the distinction of best Muscats of the world. All of the Muscat-producing regions in France were well represented: Alsace, Corsica, Occitanie and the Rhône Valley.

Other well-represented countries included Spain, Italy, Portugal and even such far away countries such as Brazil.

An international Award list of very high-level of quality

19 countries in competition and 7 on the Top 10 ranking of the best Muscats 2021. France, Portugal and Spain occupy the first places.

The sweet wines of late harvest and by “mutage” obtain beautiful Gold Medals.

Diversity of Sensorial Expression

Each of the wines that distinguished themselves at Muscats du Monde did so because of their own intrinsic quality, not in comparison with the other wines. This event is therefore a unique opportunity to bring together and discover a wide variety of Muscats wines in all their forms: dry, sweet, still, sparkling, with and with pink to dark red shades. According to the expert judges, this extraordinarily rich group of wines demonstrated a level of sensory complexity rarely encountered with other wines.

Several marks of quality gold and silver were awarded to botrytised, late harvest and special selection. A wide variety of dry, off-dry, sweet, still, sparkling, young, age-worthy wines received favourable notice. Several Gold Medals were awarded to dry wines, which were characterised by an elegant acid balance and by floral, muscat aromas. The sparkling wines were noted for their elegance and lightness (low alcohol). For the sweet wines (vins doux naturels and vins de liqueur), the expert judges had a wide choice of high-quality wines from which to pick the best.

Incontestably the award list honour naturally sweet and VDN (Sweet Natural Wine) Muscats, Muscats “Hors d'âge” aged in oak barrel and liqueur wines.

Muscats du Monde® is organised by the Forum Œnologie Association with participation from the Revue des Œnologues and in partnership with:

An organisation with highly reputed partners:
La Revue des Œnologues - International Technical Magazine about Wine and Vine - Technical and Communication Partner.
SAQ Logistic - Official Partner for International Deliveries.
SAQ - Services Actions Qualité - Expert Translation Services for the Wine and Grape Industries - Technical Partner.
Muscats du Monde® 2021
Muscats of the World
July 2022

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