Transport by SAQ Logistic
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Muscats du Monde - July 11, 2024

In Order to validate the SAQ Logistic Transport
  • 1/ Return the shipment form "Procedure to follow":
    - by Fax 333. or e-mail: infos@muscats-du-monde.com
  • 2/ You will received a notification e-mail from SAQ Logistic in order to confirm the shipment.
  • 3/ Follow the instructions given in the e-mail to confirm the shipment.


  • Customized prices conditions:
    The shipment costs will be invoiced by Muscats du Monde®.
  • We strongly advise you to pack your bottles in polystyren boxes, which restrain the risk of breaking. At the opposite, wood boxes represent the higher damage risk.
    The invoice will be raised according to the weight indicated on the shipment.

Caution !

  • Specify in all your documents : "Customs valuation: 0.5 euros per bottle. Samples for tasting purposes only, No commercial value."
  • In no case shall the shipment value exceed 22 euros (22 $ US) .

If the value of your shipment exceeds 22 euros, you will be charged for extra costs.

  • Avoid using wooden boxes or bulky containers , as shipment charges are determined by the volumetric/weight rule explain at the bottom of the page.

  • Make sure the weight indicated on your shipment is correct, as the invoice raised will be based on that weight.

Procedure to Follow

Language Description Procedure
Procedures to follow in French.
Procedures to follow in English.

Customized SAQ Logistic prices conditions

Language Description Procedure
SAQ Logistic Price list in French.
SAQ Logistic Price list in English.

Goods From All countries (Except From France)
Transport by SAQ Logistic

By confiding the transport of your samples to SAQ Logistic, you ensure a faster distribution, more reliable and more economical without additional expenses.

SAQ Logistic service includes the pickup of your premises and delivery to the final destination. The costs of customs clearance, costs of delivery to the forwarding agent and costs of rights, taxes and insurance could be billed.

Muscats du Monde®

Samples delivery deadline
June 5, 2024


The 2024 results of
Muscats du Monde

will be available on July 15, 2024, at 6 p.m. local time

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