How to Participate
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Participation Rules:

  • 6 bottles of 750 ml or 10 bottles of 500 ml or 375 ml (with front and back labels)
  • A technical sheet dedicated to presentation including: development, area of growth, maturity of wine, density of plantation, grape harvest, wine making, maturation of wine…
  • An analysis bulletin dated less than one year ago. It must specify the parcel number as well as the following results:
    • specific gravity
    • actual alcohol content
    • potential alcohol content
    • reducing sugar
    • pH
    • total acidity
    • volatile acidity
    • free SO2
    • total SO2
    • pressure above atmospheric
    • CO2
  • 3 labels(with front and back labels)

Participation costs:

  Cost HT
(in euros)
TVA (20 %)
(in euros)
Cost TTC
(in euros)
France 150 30 180
Out of France - - 180

Tasting notes report (optional)

  Cost HT
(in euros)
TVA (20 %)
(in euros)
Cost TTC
(in euros)
France In French 41,67 8,33 50
In English 50 10 60
Out of France In French - - 50
In English - - 60
  • All bank fees are in charge to the drawer.
Muscats du Monde®

Samples delivery deadline
June 5, 2024


The 2024 results of
Muscats du Monde

will be available on July 15, 2024, at 6 p.m. local time

Become an Expert-Judge

  • File your request to infos@muscats-du-monde.com
  • Provide proof of your professional experience and knowledge of Muscats. A number of training sessions are offered to test the knowledge of tasters.
  • Speak French

Become a partner of Muscats du Monde®

  • By sponsoring one of the sister events to Muscats of the World®
    - Lectures
    - Focused tastings
  • Take part in the Muscats du Monde® honor roll
  • On this Web site
  • By helping to support research in France or abroad
  • By awarding a Prize
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