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Higher Education
Paul Bocuse Institute

Château du Vivier
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Food Service and Hospitality Management (3 years ./ 23 weeks of classroom study alternating with 20 weeks of placement training per year) This curriculum prepares future managers in the hotel and restaurant business so that they have multidisciplinary skills with an emphasis on adaptability and integration into an international economic and cultural environment.

Culinary Arts Management (2 years / 23 weeks of classroom study alternating with 20 weeks of placement training per year) This program trains tomorrow's chefs and restaurant managers. Specialists in culinary production, they have the skills and know-how of a qualified technician and are capable of managing a production unit and coordinating a team.

The School has a gastronomic restaurant "Saisons" giving hands-on experience, open to the public managed by the two "Meilleurs Ouvriers de France". It will have a three-star training hotel with 45 rooms in the year 2000.

Continuing Education

With its growing worldwide recognition in the business, the school offers standard or specialized courses in either French or English. Throughout the year it receives professionals and amateurs who take various courses in cooking, pastry making, oenology, dining room service and decoration, hygiene, etc.

Prestigious partners

The Paul Bocuse Institute is developing teaching partnerships with:

The Culinary Institute of America (the oldest and most important Culinary Arts College in the United States) Teaching associations on professional and cooking techniques as well as on pastry).

Lyon 3 University, specialized in the Human Sciences and Business Management. The Food Service and Hospitality Management diploma is a university diploma. Teaching associations on Management.

The Paul Bocuse Institute benefits from the support of key personalities and prestigious partners:

Paul Bocuse, Ambassador of the French culinary tradition, is the Honorary President of the School

The ACCOR group, the world leading hotel group. Gérard PELISSON, co-founder of the ACCOR group is the President of the School.

SHB, a hotel group which is expanding in the restaurant hotel and the thermal cure business in the Rhône-Alpes region.